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Dr. Richard Bräucker


The MIDI-files I placed here to your disposal are "side-products" from my editing work of mainly original sources of ancient music. To my knowledge, there is no other copyright for this files. If you intend to use these files I would be grateful for a reference.

Instrumentation was done for General MIDI. I am well aware, that the sound of these files does not resemble the impression of "real" old instruments, however, they can be imported into several music editors. If you are interested in a special opus for private use, please contact me.

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ARBEAU, Thoinot (?-?) Belle qui tiens ma vie
Anonymus: Spanien, (16. Jh) Pavana con su glosa
GASTOLDI, Giovanni Giacomo (1556-1622) / RB  A lieta vita
LASSO, Orlando di (1532-1594)  Madonna ma pieta
MALVEZZI, Christophano (1547-1597)  O qual risplende nube
MARENZIO, Luca (1553-1599)  Sinfonia
NEGRI, Cesare (1536-1604)  El Dragone
NEGRI, Cesare (1536-1604)  Cortesa amorosa
POSCH, Isaak (1622)  Gagliarda in ecco
SPEER, Georg Daniel (1636-1707)  Sonata für Zink und Posaunen
SPEER, Georg Daniel (1636-1707)  Sonata für Zink und 4 Posaunen
TORRE, Francisco de la (1460-1504)  Alta Danza
VIADANA, Lodovico Grossi da (1560-1627)  La Mantovana super 
'A lieta vita' di Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi
WILLAERT, Adrian (1490-1562)  Vecchie letrose non valete niente
WOLKENSTEIN, Oswald von (1377-1445)  Wach auff meyn hort



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